Keeping Mum

When was the last time you saw a REALLY black-humored British comedy? This one is a dandy! Recommended by the Swedish branch of JayFlix, I finally got a look at it a couple of days ago.

First of all, the cast:
  • Maggie Smith ("Ladies in Lavender" and "Harry Potter") a just-paroled murderer, now hired as a housekeeper
  • Kristen Scott Thomas ("The English Patient" and "The Horse Whisperer") a frustrated minister's wife
  • Rowan Atkinson ("Four Weddings..." and "The Black Adder") the frustrating minister
  • Patrick Swayze ("Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost") a smarmy golf pro
  • Tamsin Egerton (I think she's new) a gorgeous young actress who is the minister's precocious daughter!
The minister's family lives next door to an annoying neighbor who has a constantly yapping dog, Clarence. The minister is such an excruciatingly boring speaker, his wife stays in bed; she can't bear to sit through his sermons any more. He is totally oblivious.

An elderly member of the congregation has a chronic problem with the flower arranging committee...AND she's snoopy! The daughter is not only beautiful, she's promiscuous. The son is bullied by his classmates simply because he is the minister's son. The golf pro is on the make...all the time...

Enter Grace, the newly hired housekeeper. In no time at all, she assesses the situation and starts to rectify things at the rectory. To watch her kick into action is a treat, even though you will probably recoil from some of her methods.

I will emphasize: This is a BLACK comedy, but it's fun just the same. These are great actors who play characters who run true to form and you can't help but cheer them on. Just remember to suspend disbelief! (...and remember, blood will tell...)