Snakes on a Plane

(From 07-05-06)
By the way, you may not be in the loop about the upcoming "Snakes on a Plane" phenomenon. Samuel Jackson stars. The aforementioned title was simply a working title for a to-be-announced movie. The internet started buzzing about the movie and the name became so well known the producers realized that most of the promotion work had already been done for them, so they made it the actual title.

The trailer starts: "This summer, you have seen big stars... pirates... superheroes... cartoons... super spies... fairy tales... but there is one thing you haven't seen... SNAKES ON A PLANE!" The audience was starting to giggle when the trailer started and was so well primed that when the title finally came on the screen, they burst into applause. It was a male "voice" I heard and I'm sure there will be no young man under 25 who will miss it! Thank God I don't fit the demographic!

(From 12-05-06)
Now with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, this movie had a flameout within the first week. Seems like the demographic had already seen all they wanted to on the internet downloads. Ah well...