2 Brothers and a Bride

"2 Brothers & A Bride" (aka: A Foreign Affair) stars two Americans, David Arquette ("3000 Miles to Graceland") and Tim Blake Nelson ("Minority Report"); a British actress, Emily Mortimer ("Dear Frankie"); and a whole armload of lovely Russian actresses.

These two guys live on a farm in the mid-West with their mother, played by the ubiquitous Lois Smith ("The Pledge"). She dies, so their house gets filthy, the dishes aren't washed, they are eating canned goods and they need a woman to take care of the mess.

After losing one cleaning lady after another, things are pretty desperate. At the local library, Tim Blake Nelson spots an ad for Russian women. The upshot is, they go to Russia on a sponsored tour with a bunch of horny middle-aged men who are all shopping for new women. Mortimer plays a British TV journalist who wants to video tape the whole sordid process.

Arquette is a loose cannon and Nelson tries frantically to keep things under control. Mortimer just wants to film everything.

I loved the shots of St. Petersburg, the translations, the use of "spaciba" ("Thank you") in the proper context, etc., etc...

This is a film by Jan Bijker, Geert Heetebrij, and Helmut Schleppi. I don't think it was made in Hollywood, do you?