Superman Returns

Despite an awesome CGI budget and special effects, "Superman" works best when it focuses on the characters and relationships within the (flimsy) story. Brandon Routh ("Denial" and lots of TV work) does a passable job playing Christopher Reeve playing Superman.

In reality, the guy who comes out best is James Marsden ("The Note- book") who plays Lois Lane's sturdy, kind, thoughtful, dependable, and resourceful new "squeeze." (All those adjectives should tip you off.) The only bad guy is, of course, Lex Luther, this time played by Kevin Spacy ("Pay it Forward"), while Parker Posey ("Best of Show" and "Waiting for Guffman") is Luther's latest sidekick.

I liked it when Lois and her boyfriend have to save Superman. Of course Luther has kryptonite again (I'm not sure how to spell it). There are some humorous spots...far too few, in my opinion, ...mostly character driven, which rely on the audience being familiar with the whole saga.

This movie won't win any awards...