The Breakup

"The Breakup" is little Chicago-based romantic comedy which came out about the time the two leads were officially declared a two-some by the show-biz gossip rags. Neither Jennifer Aniston ("The Good Girl") nor Vince Vaughn ("Wedding Crashers") are known for their dramatic chops, but they don't embarrass themselves, either.

They are an engaged couple who jointly purchase a condominium, have a falling out (because he is an overgrown adolescent and she is a control freak), and come to grief over how to dispose of their jointly owned property. Neither of them is willing to move out, so this is sort of an odd couple, sharing space, with some major, unresolved issues.

He continues to swill beer, eat junk food, play video games, conduct tours for a local family-owned sightseeing enterprise, go bowling, and hang out with the boys. She eats healthy, works, cleans, and grieves. Of course, this is a romantic comedy, so we are pretty sure we know how it will end, but Vaughn's character does a commendable job of self-exam- ination, after one of his buddies finally tells him he is a selfish jerk.

I read a review that complained that he looked pudgy. Well, he did. If the reviewer had watched the film he/she would have noticed that that was part of the plot. After he is kicked off the bowling team and has to take a clear-eyed look at himself, he does a nice job of cleaning up his act, as does Aniston's character as she learns to adjust her expectations. The ending IS unexpected, but in my humble opinion, it doesn't hurt the movie a bit.

Worth a Netflix; NOT worth a ticket!