The Lake House

Here is one on my "Must-buy List." "The Lake House" is sappy enough to earn its poor reviews but in my opinion, has a nice sexual tension and story arc, so I liked it anyway. Plus, I really like Sandra Bullock ("Miss Congeniality" and "Infamous"), and I found Keanu Reeves ("Some- thing's Gotta Give" and "Parenthood") to be far more appealing than I've ever seen before. It features an ugly dog though....

The gist of this story is about a lonely doctor (Bullock) who moves into a unique house on a lake just outside the city where she works. Through the battered mailbox standing out front, she begins exchanging letters with its former resident (Reeves) who is a frustrated architect. Eventually they both figure out that they are separated by two years time but fall in love anyway.

Pay attention, because this little fantasy does make sense, but you can get off track if you aren't on top of it every moment. At least with the DVD you can go back and doublecheck the climactic hit-and-run accident, see how that ugly dog fits into both of their lives and understand why everyone should live happily ever after.