Thank You for Smoking

I liked "Thank You for Smoking" a LOT! Based on Christopher Buckley's best-selling novel, it delights from beginning to end.

Aaron Eckhart ("Erin Brockovich") is an unapologetic lobbiest for the cigarette industry. He belongs to a little clique of people who call themselves "The MOD Squad" (Merchants of Death). They hold regular meetings (in a bar) to discuss upcoming legislation and ways to circumvent it. The MOD Squad consists of the lobbiests for Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms.

Our hero is entrapped by a reporter, played Katie Holmes ("Pieces of April"), who appeals to his (little) head. She nails his ass, but then he rebounds in a big way.

Most of the fun is watching how an experienced "spinmeister" can weasel his way out of practically any tight spot. (Watch him tangle with the lobbyist for the cheese industry!) Problem is, his son is developing the same skills, and THAT might be cause for concern...

This movie is very satisfying and very funny.