Wonder Woman

Like Switzerland, Israel has mandatory military service. This means that Gal Gagot, the Israeli star of "Wonder Woman" is certainly capable of doing all of her own stunts. She has served her country and is physically fit. (Plus she's gorgeous!)

Award-winning director Patty Jenkins ("The Killing") working from a screenplay by Allan Heinberg ("Grey's Anatomy") brings us the origin of our heroine and finally (over 70 years later) launches a franchise that features a super hero who happens to be female. We are in WWI, the war to end all wars, with 27 countries fighting and 27 million dead.

Part of Jenkins' cast:
  • Gal Gagot ("Fast and Furious") is Zeus's daughter Diana, crafted by her mother from clay, who soon sets out on a personal quest to find and destroy Ares, the God of War.
  • Chris Pine ("Star Trek") Steve Trevor is the pilot who blunders into her world, half dead and completely bewildered by this strange peaceful land...until the Germans find him! That first battle consists of bows and arrows against rifles. He tells Diana that he isn't exactly a typical man...he's "a bit above average."
  • Connie Nielsen ("The Good Wife") Hippolyte tells her daughter that a battle will never be fair and she must never expect it to be.
  • Robin Wright ("House of Cards") Antiope is Hippolyte's sister, a wise and powerful warrior. She says "A scorpion must sting."
  • Danny Huston ("American Horror Story") Every plot needs a villain, and Ludendorff is just the ticket!
  • Eugene Brave Rock in his first role is The Chief. He is part of Trevor's loyal cadre of friends.
  • Lucy Davis ("Shaun of the Dead") What would Steve and Diana do without indispensable Etta, the one person who can help Diana navigate wartime London.
Back in the day, when I read Wonder Woman comics (now called "Graphic Novels"), Steve Trevor was a handsome and appealing man. Chris Pine makes that first version look bland.

This is rated PG-13, so you can expect gunfire, fisticuffs, blowie uppie stuff and general mayhem (lots of CGI), but the sexual content is subtle and the humor based on Diana's naivetè is delicious. Seeing two very different worlds through a stranger's eyes is always fun!

The packed matinee at my local Cinerama convinced me that this one should do very, very well!
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