Small Town Killers

What if you and your best friend realize how unhappy the two of you have become and decide to get rid of your wives but a divorce is too expensive? You get in touch with a contract killer, that's what you do! What if your wives blunder into your scheme? Will they hire a contract killer, too? Have you underestimated them?

Now things get interesting!

Writer/director Ole Bornedal has presented "Dræberne fra Nibe" an award-winning (but DARK!) Danish production (English subtitles) to the 2017 Seattle International Film Festival. I'm not a member this year, recent cataract complications and lingering hearing problems have made it impossible to attend most of the films, but I'm still tempted by foreign films and comedies. Believe it or not, this one is a comedy; just beware, this (HARD) R-rated script contains rough, rough language, anatomical humor, a LOT of drunken behavior and some shocking scenes. (I admit though, that our SIFF audience laughed all the way through.)

Bornedal's cast:
  • Ulrich Thomson: Edward is the "brains (!)" behind the plot.
  • Mia Lyhne plays Gritt, Edward's wife. In the little town of Nibe, the only relief from terminal boredom is provided by her salsa dance lessons.
  • Nicolas Bro: Ib is willing to go along with his partner, but with HUGE reservations.
  • Lene Maria Christensen: Ingrid loves those salsa lessons but like her husband Ib, she is not a risk taker.
  • Marcin Dorocinski, Igor is fine so long as there is an endless supply of vodka. He doesn't like to see unhappy people in this "dull, dark Scandinavian town."
  • Gwen Taylor: Miss Nippleworthy is a nurse from England. She can help.
  • Søren Malling: Heinz is the epitome of officious small-town law enforcement.
  • Alexander Behrang Keshtkar is the taxi driver. This Afghani has not forgotten when Russia invaded Afghanistan! "Drunken infidels!"
  • Joel Spira: Malte is the appealing Swedish salsa instructor.
  • Jens Andersen: See what Bent can do with a push broom!
As you might expect, chaotic comedy ensues! After some absurd over-the-top behavior, we forgive our principals, but beware, do NOT leave after that colorful scene that looks like the finale. You MUST hear the line about the particle collider in Switzerland. Trust me...
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No English captions. The men are seeing a cut-rate lawyer about divorce costs:
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