Baby Driver

My favorite movie-going companion LOVES Action movies! This one is just the ticket; and not just computer generated action, but skillful driving by real live human beings! Okay, okay, I'll admit that I had a blast, too. Between the sound track, the direction, the editing, the unpredictability and the appealing cast, how could I not be impressed! From our hero's first happy jaunt down the street to bring back coffee for the gang, we realize we are in the hands of a pro.
Writer/director Edgar Wright (three Simon Pegg outings, e.g., "Hot Fuzz") has assembled a sure-fire cast and brings us non-stop action, witty dialogue, people to root for and an unexpected ending.

Part of Wright's cast:
  • Baby-faced Ansel Elgort ("The Fault in Our Stars") is our eponymous driver Baby, tasked with driving a getaway car for a bank heist. He has been paying off a debt to the crew's leader, so of course he has the clich├Ęd, "One Last Heist" thing going on, too.
  • Lily James ("Cinderella") Debora is a sweetheart; a waitress in a diner who is intrigued by Baby because he's witty, though he rarely speaks. You would never guess this actress is English! 
  • Kevin Spacey ("Margin Call") Doc is the brains behind their capers. You will love the story of how Baby came to work for him. And wait until he sees Debora the first time! 
  • Jamie Foxx ("Annie") Bats is smart, cold and ambitious. He thinks the silent Baby isn't paying attention. 
  • Jon Hamm (Lots of TV) Buddy is in it for the money and the excitement it provides for his new bride. 
  • Elza Gonzalez (Lots of TV) Darling is Buddy's delight. 
  • CJ Jones ("Lincoln Heights") Uriah is Baby's elderly foster father, a loving and generous deaf man. Not much gets by him, despite being wheelchair bound. 
In a car crash in his childhood which killed his mother, Baby suffered hearing damage, so tinnitis is a problem, but not a deal breaker, he simply wears ear buds and has a huge library of music. Watch this talented actor dance to some of it!

This is an R-rated actioner, so expect some profanity, lots of gunfire, lots and lots (and LOTS) of vehicular mayhem (great, GREAT stunt drivers), no sex (except some smooching between Buddy and Darling), plus a soundtrack that is truly inspired! This was one that drew applause from our jaded screening audience...and we applauded right along with them.
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Check out the preview:
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