This lively documentary was submitted to our 2016 Seattle International Film Festival from the USA. It is a combination of news clips, animated reenactments and radio (?!) broadcasts and centers around the (mostly) true story of Dr. J. R. Brinkley, a doctor who cured impotence and a variety of other ailments by transplanting the testicles of goats into his male patients.

Director Penny Lane ("Our Nixon") shows us how a lowly doctor in the Midwest could make a million dollars a year during the Great Depression! We also meet his wife, hear from some of his colleagues and see many of his print ads for his miracle cures. (As a side note: I noticed that one newspaper offers a one-year subscription for 50 cents.) We hear testimonials from satisfied customers, but by the time we learn he is selling autographed pictures of Jesus Christ, we start to feel just a teeny bit skeptical.

The man was a creative genius, pioneering the use of radio waves to promote products and generate loyal listeners. At one point in his life he has three yachts, several homes, a million-watt radio station in Mexico, and his wife is never photographed without a fur. He traveled extensively by airplane and love, love, loved being wealthy. You will love his political campaign for Governor!

The bane of his life was a lawyer named Morris Fishbein. Fishbein called him a "quack," and in return, he called Fishbein "fishy." See what happens when he sues Fishbein for libel! The animation is terrific, the voices are a hoot, and the whole outrageous story is assembled by a pro!