Me Before You

Where was Clint Eastwood when Sam Claflin was conceived? We just saw a two-hanky weeper that features a young man who is the spittin' image of young Eastwood. "Me Before You" is so sure it can reduce you to tears, we were offered small boxes of tissues as we entered the theater. In this award-winning romantic drama, we see a recently paralyzed (quadriplegic) man whose mother hires a quirky, naive young woman to be his caretaker.

Director Thea Sharrock ("Call the Midwife"), working with a script from Jojo Moyes (based on her own novel), brings us an extremely attractive and likable young couple confronted by one of life's most perplexing problems: the right to die.

The cast:
  • Sam Claflin (Finnick in "The Hunger Games") is Will Traynor, adamant about his solution to an untenable situation. His fiancĂ©e just married his friend and Will is in chronic pain, so the decision wasn't made lightly.
  • Emilia Clarke (Daenerys in "Game of Thrones") is Lou Clark, very sure about many things, but definitely UNsure about Will's "solution." She becomes Will's caretaker because her family needs the money. She and Will have a rocky beginning.
  • Janet McTeer (a musicologist in "Songcatcher") is Will's mother Camilla, who is opposed to his plan. She hopes having a lively companion might change his mind.
  • Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister in "Game of Thrones") is his wealthy father. Stephen feels obligated to honor Will's decision, even though it causes him anguish.
  • Brendan Coyle (Bates in "Downton Abbey") is Lou's father Bernard. The characters Coyle plays are unfailingly intelligent, moral and have great insight into the human condition. His advice to his daughter is priceless.
All in all, I appreciate seeing all sides to this controversial issue. (Lou's Catholic mother is particularly adamant and angry.) But what cheered me (AND Will!) was Lou's wardrobe. I'm sure the costume designer had a field day. I won't even TRY to describe the outfits she assembles, you MUST see them to believe them! Each new scene brings a new treat.

There are NO bad guys in this PG-13 romance, instead we have at least eight people to root for! What a refreshing change from the mindless, CGI-laden spectacles to which we recently have been subjected. See this one...
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Here is an extended (UK) trailer:
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