"L'acopciĆ³" (English captions as needed) is a wonderful drama which enjoyed its North American Premiere at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. Submitted by Spain and Lithuania, it illustrates the fears and frustrations involved when trying to adopt a child from another country.

Writer/director Daniela Fejerman seems to know what she's talking about. I can't think of a thing she missed, from health concerns of the baby to legal entanglements with birth families, we watch a middle-aged Spanish couple bilked, taxed and lied to, AFTER their luggage is lost at the airport! What a way to start!

Her cast:
  • Nora Navas is Natalia, anxious about the procedure and eager have a child in her arms.
  • Francesc Garrido is Daniel, he too, wants a child but is skeptical after they catch the third lie.
  • Larisa Kalpokaite - Lila is the adoption agent, the translator, and the  spokesman for the various people involved in this transaction. She is a bit too smooth and too reassuring. It's hard to trust her...
  • Jordi Banacolocha is Natalia's father. They have been estranged, but now she needs some help. The reference he has provided may or may not be helpful.
  • Jurij Scuckij - Finally, this Abuelo (grandfather) is key to the success or failure of the trip.
You can feel our couple's confusion and frustration as people talk and they have no idea what is being said. Everywhere they turn, there are more bribes and fees. They are assured that their luggage will turn up at any time and they will go home with one, two or three children. We share Daniel's skepticism.

There is not a moment when we aren't convinced we are seeing real people in a real location, dealing with a real desire to have a family. This is beautifully done.