Wish You Were Here

Four Australian friends take a carefree vacation in southeast Asia. They visit some of the remnants of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, shop for souvenirs and generally have a great time. Problem is, only three of them come back and the whereabouts of the fourth one becomes a highly charged mystery as this happy, sunny story takes a sinister turn and never goes back!

We see:
  • Joel Edgerton ("Warrior") is the concerned family man, with a boatyard to run, two little children, a third on the way, and a wife he adores. But he CAN be talked into a little vacation...
  • Felicity Price (Lots of TV) is the pregnant wife. It's her sister dating the importer who talks her and her husband into joining them on vacation.
  • Teresa Palmer ("Warm Bodies") is the lovely younger sister who is a bit of a loose cannon.
  • Antony Starr (Lots of TV) is the handsome importer who initiates the trip. His whereabouts is the bone of contention with our trio, the drug enforcement people, and a few others I won't name.
In my opinion, director Kieran Darcy-Smith (who also wrote the screen- play) uses an unnecessary number of flashbacks in this R-rated thriller. I found myself trying to spot how far along the pregnant wife was so I could tell how far back we were "flashing." But the children, particularly the little boy, are beautifully directed!
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Here is a trailer:
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