Unhung Hero

"Does size matter?"

This seems to be the question on the minds of countless men and women in this over-sexed Age of Porn as "comparison shopping" pervades our daily love lives.

An over-confident young man plans an elaborate wedding proposal on live television during a major league game, only to have his "intended" refuse his plea. His humiliation was aired on U-Tube and scored over a million hits. When he later asked her why she turned him down, she explained that his penis was too small. Yikes!

This US documentary screened for a packed 2013 Seattle International Film Festival audience had more information about men and their "packages" than I ever want to see again! Eighty-four minutes of scams: witch-doctors, pumps, injections, pills, weights, massages, potions, lotions, notions, and many, many more dreams and schemes offered to our disconsolate swain.

We watched stand-up comic Patrick Moote, embark on a wryly humorous international journey to find a "cure" for his slightly less-than-normal-size genitalia. He visits sex shops, therapists, and various spots in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii, Europe and many more, only to return back to the U.S. where a local pundit reassures him that "a handful is all you need."

In my opinion, his best two bits of advice came from 1) His mother, and 2) Dan Savage, a Seattle columnist.

I would like to add that 50% of the audience was riveted by this docu- mentary and the rest of us certainly were NOT bored. (Although I hid my eyes a couple of times.)