In "Invasor" (English captions), this highly acclaimed entry from Spain takes our 2013 Seattle International Film Festival screening audience to Iraq with Allied troops, this time they are from Spain. We are with a couple of medicos who are evacuating a civilian when their vehicle hits an IED. In the bloodbath that follows, they are the only survivors. They cautiously approach a remote village and take shelter in a home that contains three women and a young girl.

In this US Premier, director Daniel Calparsoro skillfully manipulates us through the horrific action that follows, only to take us back to Spain where one of the doctors begins to suspect a cover up.

We see:
  • Alberto Ammann as Pablo, a decent man, who has a wife and daughter. As he recuperates from his wounds, he is approached by a man offering a significant sum of money if he will sign a non-disclosure document. He needs to talk with his fellow survivor because what he remembers doesn't match what he is supposed to sign.
  • Antonio de la Torre is Diego, a practical fellow, who can see that they might as well sign the paper; they will never see things made right by the military.
  • Inma Cuesta is √Āngela, our hero's lovely wife. She wants him to sign and get on with his life.
As we follow Pablo's frantic attempt to discover and then disclose the truth, we are in a white-knuckle car race, a watery dash through a harbor, and a desperate attempt to protect his family. We have people to care about, issues to outrage us, and a reminder that War is Hell.

This is an exciting war movie with non-stop action and convincing actors. If you don't like War Movies, do NOT go to this one!
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Here is SIFF's trailer:
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