End of Watch

Cop show? Yup... Clichés? Sorta... Foreshadowing? Definitely! Problem is trying to figure out when to cover one's eyes. Some audience members wanted to cover their ears because of the constant barrage of F-words, others because of the constant barrage of bullets from assault weapons (the NRA might want to screen this one...). The R rating is for extreme violence and language, but this language also captures the bawdy humor in the testosterone-laden police department.

We are in the front seat of a police car as we survey the changing scene in South Central Los Angeles. In the past, there was a fast-food shack on every corner selling chicken, now all you can find are tacos.

Our bilingual cast includes:
  • Jake Gyllenhaal ("Source Code") is Taylor, a cop who might be a little too smart for his own good. He and his buddy make a couple of significant drug busts, even though they are patrol officers. Gyllenhaal continues to impress with his growth as an actor.
  • Michael Peña ("Tower Heist") is Zavala, the cop who has Taylor's back. Peña has an appealing screen presence and works con- stantly.
  • Anna Kendrick ("Up in the Air") is Janet, the Santa Barbara gal who is smart enough to impress Taylor. Kendrick didn't dither like she usually does, but she's effective anyway.
  • Natalie Martinez ("Magic City Memoirs") is Gabby, Zavala's one and only. And anyone can see why! She's lovely, smart and funny.
  • America Ferrera ("Under the Same Moon") is Orozco, another cop who patrols South Central. Ferrera is shows a more adult side in this one.
  • Everton Lawrence ("Black Gold") is a street guy who challenges Zavala, but at the end of the day he keeps his word.
Expect gruesome situations which routinely assault policemen as they go about their jobs. Also be prepared for a LOT of chaotic fights and jerky camera work because much of this is supposedly shot from either a hand-held camera or one clipped to a vest.

Bottom line: I spend my discretionary money on Entertainment. To me, this movie is not entertaining, it's an endurance test. Audience members who like lots of action, gunfire and vehicular mayhem, applaud this much-acclaimed bloodbath. I don't....
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