We see high-stakes finance in the hedge-fund world (they don't make anything, they just move money around) where a phenomenally successful trader makes a BIG mistake; he's in the middle of a multi-faceted negotiation, so it couldn't happen at a worse time. He asks for help from a most unlikely ally, then they are BOTH on a slippery slope.

The word "trust" is used repeatedly, but over the long haul, only one person is actually trustworthy. Kudos to young writer/director Nicholas Jarecki ("The Outsider") for the way he played this one! He allowed little itchy bits of doubt to creep in....

Every one of these folks has an important role:
  • Richard Gere ("Chicago") Robert Miller explores the fine line between getting rich and getting caught. His billionaire is a bit disconnected from our world: "What's an Applebees?"
  • Susan Sarandon ("The Lovely Bones") Ellen Miller tries to keep the home fires burning, the charities funded, and the children happy. Sometimes that isn't as easy as it sounds.
  • Brit Marling ("The Company You Keep") Brooke Miller is the daughter who is a chip off the old block, i.e., she's really, really smart! Almost too smart....
  • Laetitia Casta ("Do Not Disturb") Julie Cote is a struggling artist who can use a helping hand as she launches a career in her adopted city.
  • Tim Roth ("Lie to Me") Michael Bryer is an ambitious and tenacious detective who WILL get a conviction, no matter what!
  • Nate Parker ("Red Tails") Jimmy Grant is a former felon who doesn't exactly fit in: He's "real."
There are numerous attorneys, prosecutors, auditors, and business associates, plus chauffeurs, servants, in-laws and social contacts, all of whom add to this high-stakes poker game. Bluff, raise and draw!

It's interesting to watch a self-indulgent man who is intrinsically dis- honest, and realize that secretly, we still want to see him win; it must be our loyalty to Richard Gere, the actor. But after we watched all the self- centered, ambitious people in this story, when the "good guy" finally caught a little break, the audience actually applauded. That made me feel good; I always want someone (decent!) to root for.

In this R-rated thriller, expect drug use, profanity and one startling car wreck.

There is early Oscar buzz for Gere, but I think that might be a little optimistic.
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