Hello I Must Be Going

This is pretty standard romantic comedy fare for the 2012 Seattle Inter- national Film Festival; the most amusing part was the May/December romance (well, not really December...) which features a (sorta) older woman and a younger man. This was first reviewed 05-23-12.

A recent divorcée has to move back home because her husband wanted the divorce and she has never held a job. Now she is caught in a spiral of embarrassment, ennui, and agoraphobia. Her well-meaning parents are anxious for her to get out and start to take an interest in life: she hasn't left the house for three months. They decide to throw a party for one of Dad's clients to pave the way for his possible retirement, while at the same time, to motivate their daughter to change out of her old t-shirt and meet some new people.

We meet:
  • Melanie Lynskey ("Ever After") is Amy, sorely in need of an anti- depressant; she mixes her metaphors and says, "I had the rug pulled over my eyes."
  • Blythe Danner ("The Lucky One") is Ruth, her mother, who reads Dr. Seuss to her grandchildren and longs to have some "alone time" with her husband on a lengthy cruise.
  • Christopher Abbot ("Martha Marcy May Marlene") is Jeremy, the best anti-depressant our heroine ever tried! He tells his mother he is gay so she will quit trying to set up blind dates.
  • John Rubinstein (Lots of TV) is Stan, who really IS reluctant to retire and Gallivant the Globe with his wife.
  • Julie White ("Inside Out") is Gwen, the former classmate who never knew our heroine existed, but now she's in her face.
We sometimes forget that it might not be all that great to be nineteen again, particularly when the woman you love views you as a boy toy.

I liked the soundtrack which included "Oh the fox went out on a chilly night, prayed to the moon to give him light, He'd many a mile to go that night, before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o...."