What's Your Number?

Why must contemporary comedies be so anatomical? Truth be told, I liked this one much better than "Bridesmaids" because this heroine isn't self-centered, destructive or mean. She reads a random article in a magazine and discovers that she is at the upper end of the "average number of lovers" an American woman has before she marries.

She panics and decides to mend her ways: She will NOT have sex with anyone unless he's "The One!" In order to keep her total down, she decides to re-visit old lovers and see if any of them have improved with age. In the meantime, the neighbor from across the hall scampers over wearing a hand towel and asks to hide in her place until his one-night- stand leaves. He is afraid the gal might want a "relationship!"

The neighbor's a semi-employed musician and our heroine is a just-fired marketing rep. She makes a list and hires him to track down her former lovers while she helps her younger sister with her impending wedding.

Now we can review the cast:
  • Anna Faris ("House Bunny") is Ally, unemployed, panicky, afraid her eggs might be getting stale, and looking for a way to just be herself. Faris is a wonderful comic and needs a better movie.
  • Chris Evans ("Captain America") is Colin, the hottie from across the hall. BTW, he looks GOOD in a hand towel! Evans makes me feel optimistic about the future of American Cinema...smile...
  • Blythe Danner ("Paul") is Ava, Ally's mother, anxious for both of her daughters to be married to acceptable (i.e., $ucce$$ful) young men. Danner has been working non-stop; there is evidently a market out there for actresses "of a certain age." And experience counts: Watch her flip her hair!
  • Ed Begley Jr. (LOTS of TV) is Ally's divorced dad, invited to the wedding AND he's bringing his new love to "share his happiness," which he tweets to the world!
  • Heather Burns ("Miss Congeniality") is Eileen, part of our gal's posse and also one of the bridesmaids. I included her because she's the best "wingman" in the business!
  • Chris Pratt ("Moneyball") is Disgusting Donald, typical of the former lovers dredged up from that infamous list.
Of course we know where this is going; it is, after all, a Chick Flick. In my opinion, our two leads are more appealing than anyone we've seen on screen since Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in "Drive." This little R-rated comedy hits all its clich├ęs and I left feeling good, if only they weren't so specific about body parts!