In Time

Recently I've read a couple of references that say, in so many words, that Death is a GIFT. Without it, we wouldn't value Life. This was upper- most in my mind as I watched this film.

This Sci-Fi outing is about a time in the near future when people no longer grow old. In order to avoid overpopulation, they only age for 25 years, then a countdown begins to measure one remaining year. During that time, they must resort to other means if they are to extend their lives one second beyond that year. Additional time has become a luxury they must purchase, and time is also THE unit of commerce. Platitudes take on a different significance here: "Don't waste my time," and "Do you have a minute?" are loaded with subtext! Everything from bus fares to phone fees, garments to groceries, are paid for by units of precious time. Yes, Time IS Money!

To me, the concept for this film is far more intriguing than the actors:
  • Justin Timberlake ("Friends With Benefits") is as capable as any of the fuzzy-faced young actors decorating the screen these days. His character pulls a man from certain death only to discover that the man is very, very old and no longer wants any more time. He had been courting death!
  • Olivia Wilde ("Cowboys and Aliens") is Timberlake's mother. The audience actually laughed; but to be fair, we hadn't yet grasped this film's concept of eternal youth. You see, when you buy time, you don't age. This means, NO one looks over 25 years old.
  • Matt Bomer ("White Collar") is the weary old man. He's had more than enough time and just wants to stop. Because time is such a valuable commodity, this is a concept others find difficult to accept.
  • Cillian Murphy ("Red Eye") is a Time Keeper; he punishes people who steal time. Murphy is the stand-out actor in this piece: His American accent is flawless, his face is interesting, and he is a confident, versatile guy. (Although I've yet to see him in a musical!)
  • Amanda Seyfried ("Big Love") is the daughter of a fabulously wealthy man; she looks exactly the same age as her mother and grandmother. She is tired of being protected and coddled, so being taking hostage by our hero isn't all that bad!
  • Vincent Kartheiser ("Mad Men") is that fabulously wealthy man, with eons secured in his vault, and armies of bodyguards to make sure he has all the time in the world.
If I had a choice, I'd see this in a theater with Closed Captions or wait for the DVD. I was forced to have this film explained to me after we left the theater because I couldn't hear a blasted thing! As I've said before, this is a choice made by the sound designer and is neither a limitation of my hearing nor of today's technology. I'll leave it at that.

This PG-13 film has vehicular mayhem and many gunshots, but no nudity or profanity. The blowie uppie stuff is restricted to one car crash but it doesn't lend much excitement. ...Yawn....

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