Alpha and Omega

We've all heard about the Alpha male. Here we see a wolf pack with an Alpha female cub who romps with an Omega male cub. Even though these are youngsters, the issue of mating is looming on the horizon. Problem is, these erstwhile friends have learned that there is no future for their friendship. She is to procreate with another Alpha and our Omega hero must go elsewhere. (There are political issues at stake in the pack!)

Suddenly the two of them are tranquilized, captured by forest rangers and transported from Jasper National Park, Canada to a National Forest in Idaho, to repopulate the region. Wait! "Repopulate" means "procreate," doesn't it? Well, she isn't having any of THAT!

Guided by a French/Canadian goose and his sidekick, a duck, these two lost souls must get back to their Canadian pack before the Alpha male selected for her falls for her flirtatious sister.

This international animated film (USA and India) brings sophisticated 3D images along with a nice PG rating that ignores the fact that wolves are carnivores and that the caribou central to the plot don't live in that part of Canada.

Oh well, I enjoyed the midnight howl and the various duets. The children in the screening audience didn't care that wolves don't tobaggon ride, nor do wolves take advice from golf-playing geese or caddying ducks. It's a sweet predictable tale, nicely done by animators in Mumbai; Pixar and Disney had better watch their backs!