The Secret in Their Eyes

Sigh.... This is the way a romance should end...with a door quietly closing. It was waaaay more sensuous than sweaty bodies, full frontal nudity or other more overt signs of lust. In fact, I'm not sure we even saw a kiss....

Actually, this Argentine film "El secreto de sus ojos" (English captions) is a police procedural, well done and beautifully cast. We start with a scene we soon understand is from a book, after which we watch the author wad it up and throw it into a wastebasket. He is a grizzled fellow, probably in his fifties, a retired police detective convincingly played by Ricardo DarĂ­n ("The Dancer and the Thief"), still trim and fit, but unable to forget a murder which took place 20 years earlier.

In a flashback (by the way, the makeup is incredible), we see him called to the crime scene and start the process of finding the killer. Like him and the devastated widower, we become very much invested in finding justice for the victim.

The photography is excellent, with seemingly long single takes and note- worthy continuity. The characters seem authentic, as does the infighting at the police department and the relationships in the workplace, namely the loyal, hard-drinking co-worker, played by Guillermo Francella ("Incorregibles") and the new Assistant DA, played by Soledad Villamil ("It's Not You, it's Me").

I can't tell you too much because I want to avoid spoilers, but I highly recommend this film. No vehicular mayhem, no blowie uppie stuff, only eight gunshots, four of which may or may not have occurred.

This one is excellent.
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Here is a trailer (with English captions):
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