The Kids Are All Right

Pity Josh Hutcherson ("Firehouse Dog")! This kid has to share the screen with titans! In this beautifully directed film about the teenaged children of a lesbian couple, who track down their sperm donor/father, Josh is working with:
  • Annette Bening ("The Women") who gives a beautifully nuanced performance as his physician mother, happy with her 20-year- long relationship;
  • Julianne Moore ("Chloe") who demonstrates why she is constantly honored by fans and critics alike, as his other mother, a little bit flaky and inconsistent;
  • Mia Wasikowska ("Alice in Wonderland") as his college-bound sister, the right balance of academia and sibling jabs, practical and smart;
  • Mark Ruffalo ("Date Night") is, alternately, appealing and befuddled as the sperm donor, drawn into an established family that is partly related to him.
This film took an unexpected turn or two but was consistently well acted and authentic. No one is perfect and no one qualifies for sainthood, which is pretty much like real life. Be prepared for a surprising amount of nudity and sex.

Josh DID have the best line: When asked why he doesn't want his mothers to break up, he points out, "You're too old!"