The Last Airbender

Oh, M. Night Shyamalan, how the mighty are fallen....

Actually, the only movie in his directorial bag of tricks that impressed me was "The Sixth Sense," but even at that, the guy has been an A-Lister for years.

Why was I unbent by "The Last Airbender?" Let me count the ways:
  • Muddled story or stories, I couldn't tell which;
  • No character development, so there was no emotional connection on any level;
  • Some of the actors need diction lessons, other did fairly well;
  • Waaay too much Computer Generated Imaging, although some of it IS technically very good;
  • Only three scenes struck me as 3D, do NOT spend extra for the glasses;
  • Was this Part One of a series? Jiminy, I HOPE not!
  • The magic critter the teenagers ride was borrowed from "The Neverending Story."
  • I could list who acted in this thing, but I suspect they might prefer to forget...
When there is someone with a clipboard standing outside after a screening of this caliber, I dodge out the nearest exit! I only have so many bad things to say and I want to save them for YOU!