My Year Without Sex

This Australian entry to the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival illustrated the effects on a family when the mother suffers a brain aneurysm and isn't allowed to sneeze, lift heavy objects, or have sex, for a year.

My biggest problem with this film was my distaste for the mother. The father comes off as fairly likable and the daughter is a pistol, but the son is a cipher....and Mom? She is so egocentric it's a wonder her family puts up with her. Maybe the filmmaker was trying to show possible personality changes as a result of the catastrophe, but it just didn't come off.

Of course I enjoyed seeing Christmas celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere during the heat of summer, but I hated it when their goldfish died, their innocent dog was attacked and when the son was approached by a pedophile. I didn't "get" the importance of the dad's coaching or the mother's church attendance, as none of these events seemed to matter, nor did they tie in with the central theme...

The chapter titles for each month of that eponymous year were clever, but misleading.

Nah, I didn't much like it.