As you might expect from the title, this entry in the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival concerns itself with a freshman entering college saddled with an inconvenient virginity. I automatically braced myself for a snicker and grin T & A-type toga party, but had to quickly alter my expectations. Although there are a few bongs around, the story quickly evolves into a far more complicated one.

There are no "name brand" actors in the cast, so I'll just talk about the characters:
  • Our hero is a talented artist but his parents are determined that he will be an engineer. His roommate is such a successful lothario, our guy quickly becomes sleep deprived.
  • One fellow student in his art class is a gorgeous woman (NOT a girl!) who seems flirtatious and approachable. There is a reason why she doesn't drink, though.
  • Our hero's roommate is the stereotypical horndog whose life is a constant party. He isn't above a practical joke or two, either.
  • A delectable 14-year-old girl gets a BIG crush on our hero. Problem is, she's the daughter of that gorgeous woman in his art class!
  • The parents footing the bill for this iffy college career are understandably concerned.
This is a film that will have trouble finding an audience. It's too dramatic for a comedy; too funny for a drama; doesn't have enough sex for a toga party; has too much sex for a family film.


Our hangdog hero will eventually have his day, though. Whew!