Just Wright

There is a certain comfort in watching a Romantic Comedy... Boy meets Girl...Boy loses Girl... you know....The only variation is in the details that are thrown at them between Points A and B.
  • Queen Latifah ("The Secret Life of Bees") is a physical therapist living in New Jersey. She is a dyed-in-the-wool basketball fan and The Nets are her NBA team of choice. I really like her beat-up old Mustang.
  • Common ("Date Night") is an NBA star who suffers a blown-out knee about two months before The Big Playoff. They had already met at a gas station, but a conniving childhood friend has stepped in and won his affections.
  • Paula Patton is that shallow friend. This role is a long ways from the saintly one she played in "Precious."
  • Phylicia Rashad ("Cosby" and lots of other TV) is the skeptical mother of the basketball star. Her alarm bells start to clang when she meets the new glamor puss girlfriend.
  • James Pickens Jr. ("Grey's Anatomy") is our heroine's Do-it-Yourself father. He wants to help with the fixer upper she bought.
Basketball fans will be gratified to see many favorite NBA coaches, trainers and stars, while the rest of us will enjoy the warm comforts of a good old-fashioned RomCom...