Repo Men

So when did my disenchantment set in? Was it when I saw:
  • Yet another dystopian art design, dirty, littered, damp and repulsive?
  • Forest Whitaker ("Our Family Wedding") speak with a British accent, only to lose it by the next scene?
  • Jude Law ("Sherlock Holmes") taser a terrified fugitive and remove some vital organs?
  • Liev Schreiber ("Defiance") sweet talk a hapless family into signing an ironclad contract for a grossly overpriced organ, knowing he was already looking forward to the time when he could repossess it?
  • No motivation for "The Union" to harvest organs in the slums if they were selling (and repossessing) mechanical ones?
If you've seen the TV spots, you've probably seen the best this film has to offer. There is a twist that makes you think about the film one more time in order to grope for a modicum of logic, but in my opinion...

Oh never mind. If you like lots of blood, violence, brutality, fist fights, cruelty and grisly scenes of organs being removed without benefit of anesthesia, please be my guest.