Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Sometimes we forget how cruel children can be. Middle school play- grounds aren't all fun and games; there is usually an unpleasant under- current we all choose to overlook and/or forget. Our self-worth is just germinating, but our need to fit in is in full bloom. Our eponymous "Wimpy Kid" is a harmless reminder of that more unpleasant aspect of those good old days.

Director Thor Freudenthal ("Hotel for Dogs") has elicited excellent performances from his roster of children:
  • Zachary Gordon ("The Brothers Bloom" plus LOTS of TV and voice work) is our hero, with an over-inflated ego, unrealistic expectations, and zero loyalty.
  • Robert Capron ("Bride Wars") is the pudgy sidekick, bullied, abused and tormented, but with an unfailingly upbeat take on each miserable experience.
  • Grayson Russell ("The Rainbow Tribe") is a hopelessly geeky hanger-on.
  • Chirac Gupta, in his first film, is a wannabe friend. Gupta is from the Seattle area.
  • Devon Bostick (LOTS of TV) is our hero's seemingly fratricidal brother.
Along with numerous classmates and stereotypical teachers, we also see Steve Zahn ("Sunshine Cleaning") as our hero's clueless father and Rachel Harris ("The Hangover") as his patient mother. In my opinion, Ms. Harris bears a spooky resemblance to a young Madeline Kahn.