The Bounty Hunter

Director Andy Tennant ("Hitch" and "Sweet Home, Alabama") can do better than this. Notwithstanding the crushingly inferior "Fool's Gold," his movies usually have more heart.

This romantic comedy has very little romance and even less comedy. Why didn't I feel robbed? Because my expectations were so low it would have taken worse than this to disappoint me. Ever since "Dear Frankie," I have liked Gerard Butler; and even though I find Jennifer Aniston ("Love Happens") singularly annoying (I don't like all that business with her hair), the movies in which she appears are usually well-financed and staffed by capable professionals.

Butler plays a divorced and disgraced former cop who has been reduced to hunting felons who have jumped bail. His ex-wife Aniston fails to appear at her trial for assaulting a police officer so a bench warrant is issued for her return.

You got it. Butler is the bounty hunter who tracks her down and tries to bring her in. Problem is she is a reporter and is on the trail of a criminal, so they are waylaid by thugs en route and go on the lam together.

Predictable? Yup.
Fun? Sorta.
Romantic? Nope.
Comical? Sometimes...