This is a gripping sci fi film that features Sam Rockwell ("The Assassination of Jesse James..." and "The Hitchhiker's Guide...") and Sam Rockwell ("Choke" and "Frost/Nixon") as an astronaut working a lonely three-year shift on the dark side of the moon. I'm being sort of facetious here, because this is a two-man show, and both men are the same character played by Sam Rockwell. They have, however, significantly different personalities and you NEVER confuse the two.

The only other actors you see in this, are via video clips and, in the case of Kevin Spacey ("Telstar" and "21"), via his voice, that of GERTY, the ever present and meticulously obedient robot which shares the desolate space port with our hero.

As this unsettling plot develops, you become more and more invested in the outcome...that's probably all I should tell you. Just see it, but don't be mad, okay?

Interesting bit of trivia: The neophyte director, Duncan Jones (II), is the son of David Bowie, the musician.
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