With two of the three production companies being Walt Disney Pictures ("Up" and "Toy Story") and Jerry Bruckheimer Films (the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise and the "National Treasure" franchise), you know this will be a PG rated 3-D comedy for 10-year-old boys with LOTS of blowie uppie stuff! They even throw in a Transformer for good measure!

Many of the voice actors portraying guinea pigs and other rodents who work as intelligence agents for the government are playing waaaay below their game:
  • Nicholas Cage ("National Treasure") is the mole;
  • Sam Rockwell ("Moon") is particularly good as Darwin, the group leader;
  • Penelope Cruz (Oscar: Best Supporting Actress "Vickie Christina Barcelona") is the sultry agent, Juarez;
  • Tracy Morgan ("30 Rock") is the resourceful brutha;
  • Steve Buscemi ("I Think I Love My Wife") is the feckless Bucky.

The plot is convoluted but unimportant. Bill Nighy ("Valkyrie") is an industrialist and Zack Galifianakis ("The Hangover") is the animal lover who has recruited this unusual team. Animatronics keep getting better...