Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Here they are again, and every single one is an A-List British actor:
  • Michael Gambon ("The Baker") this time, his Dumbledore has a "Moses" moment.
  • Maggie Smith ("Gosford Park") somewhat underused, but still here.
  • Alan Rickman ("Something The Lord Made") who articulates every...single...con-so-nant.
  • Jim Broadbent ("Iris") who can look more befuddled than anyone.
  • Robbie Coltrane ("The Brothers Bloom") Is he really as big as Hagrid looks?
  • Helen Bonham Carter ("Sweeney Todd") still wearing Mrs. Lovett's fright wig.

Our wonderful trio of young friends is growing up before our very eyes:

  • Daniel Radcliff (hilarious in"Extras") is our eponymous hero, earnest and sincere.
  • Rupert Grint ("Driving Lessons") is his roommate, loyal and loveable.
  • Emma Watson ("Ballet Shoes" and an American Ivy League college) is still smart as a whip and lovelier than ever!

Given the age of our principals in this, the sixth installment of J.K. Rowling's massive oeuvre, it is entirely appropriate that hormones are raging...and rage they do! They offer a humorous counterbalance to what is mostly a dark setup for her final book, which, because of its size, will have to be broken into two separate movies.

The production values are, once again, top notch. Throughout this mighty work, Rowling has been present on every film set, providing her own quality control. Even though these movies have had a variety of directors, the through-line has remained constant: Good versus Evil.

I know, I know, Rowling has more money than the Queen of England, but you know what? She's earned it!