Race to Witch Mountain

In my opinion, Dwayne Johnson and Disney are a pretty good match. He has been striving to convey a more admirable image and that is what Disney does best.

This is an updated version of the 1975 Disney sci-fi movie "Escape to Witch Mountain" (there was also a forgettable made-for-TV version in 1995) in which the main (human) character is now a Las Vegas cab driver, played by Dwayne Johnson ("The Game Plan" and "Get Smart"). Of course we are now politically and ecologically correct, so the two alien teenagers are trying to get back to their planet in order to prevent their military from attacking Planet Earth. Their own population has destroyed its environment and these youngsters carry a solution that will enable their people to stay put instead of being forced to relocate to another galaxy.

The "spin" on this version is that it takes place during a major sci-fi convention in Las Vegas and "aliens" abound. Taxi drivers are surrounded by them and have learned to tolerate all sorts of strange behaviors and appearances. Our hero is no different.

On a parallel track, we follow governmental agents who are sent to investigate the crash of a UFO just outside the city. This group is led by England's most dependable and hard-working utility player, CiarĂ¡n Hinds ("Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" and "There Will Be Blood") who pursues his quarry with single-minded determination.

Expect lots of chases, lots of blowie uppie stuff and lots of wrestle mania. (Remember, Dwayne Johnson - "The Rock" - is from THAT world...smile...)