I Love You, Man

First of all, I'd like to point out that this is NOT the time of year for top-notch movies, okay? That being said, let me tell you about this latest bottom-notch movie.

Paul Rudd ("Role Models," "Clueless" and "40-Year-Old Virgin") is the main attraction. This good-looking, capable actor will, some day, get a vehicle that is worthy of his talents. In the meantime, he has a family to support.

Our hero overhears his fiancée's gal pals talking about clingy men who don't have their own set of (male) friends with whom they can hang out. He realizes that he has more female than male friends and sets out to do something about it; he does, after all, need a best man for his wedding. So he goes on a quest to find a new best friend.

Hilarity ensues...kidding...

  • Paul Rudd
  • The fact that the fiancée never becomes bitchy or shrill
  • Our hero's awkwardness in trying to be "manly."


  • Gross humor (farting, puking, etc.)
  • Scatological language
  • Catering to the target audience: 10-23 year old guys. I don't fit the demographic.

Full disclosure: I laughed out loud more than once. I STILL like Paul Rudd.