"Mi padre es homofóbico, mi abuelo es gay. Yo soy Pedro." (My father is homophobic, my grandpa is gay. I am Pedro.)

This is the tagline for this lightweight but enjoyable little romp from Chile which was screened at the Sedona Film Festival. It is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Poor Pedro. His father just got out of jail and is NOT a happy camper because, given his prison record, his employment situation is iffy at best. Their economic situation is bad and Grandma tells them they will have to move to her ex-husband's place in another city because she can no longer afford to keep them.

Pedro's papa hasn't seen his own father for decades, so he is totally unprepared when his flamboyant father comes to meet them. Pedro calmly accepts the situation right away; he isn't nearly as horrified as his homophobic father...but remember, Papa spent some unpleasant time in jail!

Grandpa and his boyfriend generously help Pedro and his dad get settled. Pedro and his grandfather immediately set about forming a mutual-admiration society; they find that they enjoy each other's company and are becoming fast friends. Grandpa's boyfriend has a pal who is willing to hire Pedro's father, but it is in a gay nightclub.

Enlightenment ensues...