Here's an oddball little gem from the UK! I love it when one of you suggests a movie I can check out of the library, then turn around and pass on the tip to the rest of you. My thanks are sent winging to Sweden...you know who you are!

One HUGE caveat, however. This is a spoof of "Reality Television" and it is a contest among three engaged couples to see which one can stage the most original wedding. The winning couple gets a brand new house worth $1M. The caveat? One pair of finalists are devoted "Naturalists" (Nudists) and have every intention of taking their vows in their birthday suits. You see many, many mocumentary-type interviews with the contestants and their families, and every time these kids are interviewed, they are ALWAYS in the nude...both frontal AND backtal... smile...

Another highly competitive couple loves tennis and intends to have a tennis-themed ceremony, while the last pair loves 30s and 40s Hollywood musicals. Busby Berkley, here we come!

By the time the big day rolls around you have become so fond of the gay fellows who serve as the long-suffering wedding planners and you are so well acquainted with all of the participants (AND their families!), that you hate knowing two couples are going to lose!

I won't take the time or the space to identify the actors. Actually, I only recognized two of them out of a HUGE cast, and I see a LOT of British movies, so...Not knowing the actors makes it feel more authentic, don't you think?

If you are in the mood for a quirky, feel-good little diversion that you'll probably forget by the next day, you'll laugh out loud while while it's playing.