Hellboy II: The Golden Army

It's a COMEDY!! Who knew? I certainly didn't.

Suffice it to say, I was relieved and more than pleasantly surprised, even though the cartoon characters and CGI violence was NOT unexpected. As I sat through it, I was reminded of the mechanical assembly of parts in "Transformers," the bizarre bar scene in "Star Wars," the secret government agency in "Men in Black," the huge doughboy walking down a New York street in "Ghostbusters," the winged creatures that flit about in "Pan's Labyrinth" and, God help me, the municipal mayhem in "Cloverfield." UGH!

Although there were laughs throughout, my favorite part was when Hellboy and Abe Sapien, both conflicted over their feelings for the gentler sex, drink too much beer and launch into a maudlin song. I don't remember right now if it was Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow, but you get the idea.

The story hinges on an ancient truce which threatens to be broken by the younger generation; a conflicted pair of twins who are mentally linked; and tons of ridiculous violence, e.g., shooting guns at insect-like critters that swarm all over our team. Shooting guns at bugs? Nah! Guillermo del Toro is currently Hollywood's Director du jour, but I remain unimpressed. Nothing new, nothing unique.

Ron Perlman ("Hellboy" and "Enemy at the Gates") is our hero; Doug Jones ("Hellboy" and "Pan's Labyrinth") is the smitten Abe Sapien; Luke Goss is Prince Nuada, the young rebel maneuvering for war; while Anna Walton is Princess Nuala, his psychic twin. Jeffrey Tambor ("Hellboy" and "Arrested Development") is head of the secret agency that investigates paranormal creatures and Selma Blair ("Hellboy" and "Legally Blonde") is Mrs. Hellboy who has just discovered that she is pregnant.

I don't recommend this movie, but personally, I had a good time.