Get Smart

First of all I must come right out and admit it: I never saw the "Get Smart" television series because I don't really watch TV. This means I didn't suffer the pangs of cherished memories being shattered when I saw Steve Carell ("Dan in Real Life" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin") as Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway ("Brokeback Mountain," "Princess Diaries" and "Becoming Jane") as Agent 99.

Instead, today I was treated to an entertaining hi-tech espionage comedy with theme music that sounded vaguely familiar... Both stars are attractive and capable, plus there is a terrific supporting cast: Dwayne Johnson ("The Game Plan" and "Gridiron Gang") is a sleek, handsome Agent 23, while Alan Arkin ("Little Miss Sunshine" and "The In-Laws" - 1979) is the no-nonsense and always supportive Chief.

This movie is a great travelogue! Wonderful, wonderful scenes from Moscow: Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Gum Department Store and great shots of the bridges over the river across from the Kremlin. In addition, there were great shots of Washington, DC, and a super trip to Los Angeles with lots of location work at the Disney Symphony Hall. That place is too unique and waaay too big to fake!

Soooo. Throw caution to the wind and prepare to enjoy yourself. I laughed out loud a number of times and had a rollicking good time. I enjoy good clean humor and had two favorite stars to root for!