Snow Cake

Okay you Rental fans...this one got by me, maybe it got by you, as well.

It's time to try "Snow Cake," a 2007 movie starring Sigourney Weaver ("Working Girl" and "Gorillas in the Mist"), Alan Rickman ("Sense and Sensibility" and "Die Hard") and Carrie Anne Moss ("The Matrix" and "Disturbia"). I had avoided this movie in the multiplex because I thought it would be upsetting. On the contrary, this quiet movie explores people who are different and ends up being a feel-good experience.

Alan Rickman is driving in Canada, heading toward Winnipeg, and through a series of inconsequential little events, ends up with a young hitchhiker on board. She is a free spirit, smart, witty and fun, on her way home to visit her mother. Rickman is traumatized by a horrific auto accident and ends up at the girl's home with her mother (Weaver) who turns out to be a high-functioning autistic. As he comes to understand the mother, he comes to admire the daughter and to accept his own shortcomings as well.

The personalities of the principals insinuate their way into your heart, you end up caring about what happens to each of them and as you know, I find this to be an integral element for a movie that I like.

Check it out....