27 Dresses

Every bridesmaid's dress comes complete with the promise, "...and you can wear it again for other occasions!" Fat chance!

Our heroine Jane, played by Katherine Heigl ("Knocked Up" and "Grey's Anatomy"), is the super girlfriend, super sister and super Special Assistant to the boss, always on top of everything, always willing to go the extra mile, always overlooked and underappreciated.

In an interview, Heigl said she felt her character in "Knocked Up" was grouchy and humorless. She'd better be careful, as this one tends to start out the same way...

Jane is devoted to her boss, played by Edward Burns ("The Brothers McMullen" and "Sidewalks of New York"), who is a kind, sensitive, generous and intelligent ecologist. He is even in the Big Brother program! Yeah, he is waaaay too good to be true! And his character is blind as a bat. He takes her devotion for granted, thoughtlessly exploits her skills and energy, plus he can't see the forest for the trees! Her best friend Casey, played by our favorite professional best friend, Jane Greer ("13 Going on 30," "The TV Set" and "American Dreamz") is a welcome familiar face! And she doesn't disappoint. Her character is wry, observant, and just a tad foul-mouthed.

This is a romantic comedy, so suffice it to say Jane finds herself in a losing situation with her younger sister, who has come back to stay for awhile. In addition, she is exploited by a journalist played by James Marsden ("Enchanted" and "The Notebook") who finds her willingness to participate as a bridesmaid in twenty-seven (27!) weddings as either a personality flaw or downright lunacy. By the time she has modeled all 27 outfits for him, she is beginning to see his point...a little...

Luckily the pace picks up about the time she wrecks her car; after that, the movie becomes fun, so stay with it!

This is no "Miss Congeniality," but it IS diverting.