How She Move

As you may gather from the wording of the title, I was one of the few token white faces both on screen and in the audience. I went mainly because I have heard of "Step Dancing" but had never seen it in action.

And "Action" is the best word for it. This is a powerful, rhythmic form of dance that utilizes stomping boots, slapping hands, pounding sticks and is an intricately choreographed form of dance. The story line is clich├ęd, although it was interesting to hear the Caribbean lilt to the African American characters who are based in Canada. Of course, "mean streets" are found everywhere, not just in the United States.

The main character is a well-educated young woman who wishes to go on to medical school. Her junkie sister has drained the family finances before a fatal overdose, so our heroine must qualify for a scholarship. She loses hope for the scholarship and determines that she could earn money for her education by joining a step dancing team and winning the "Big Contest." Of course, her former friends and classmates aren't supportive of her aspirations and she has to learn a lesson that all of us should be reminded of: "The ones who care don't matter, and the ones who matter don't care."

I very much enjoyed the contests, admired the costumes and appreciated the skill and determination of the (MANY!) performers as they poured their abundant talent and energy into their efforts.