The Kingdom

"The Kingdom" is Saudi Arabia. The time is NOW and the protagonists are FBI agents who insist on going and making an on-site inspection of a suicide bomb that killed and maimed many US citizens in a "safe" zone.

Jamie Foxx ("Dreamgirls" and "Ray") leads the elite team of agents which includes Jennifer Garner ("13 Going on 30"), Chris Cooper ("Breach" and "Lone Star") and Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development"). These agents, because they are FBI and "know where the negatives are" manage to blackmail and coerce both the Department of State and the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia into an immediate deployment to the scene of the crime, despite official resistance.

Jeremy Piven ("Entourage") is the frazzled State Department official who is doing his best to get them un-deployed as quickly as possible because he doesn't want the local police to feel they have been usurped.

The Americans manage to step on toes and blunder into politically incorrect situations, but win over their Saudi counterparts through their expertise and willingness to risk their lives to solve the crime and lock up the makers of the bombs.

If it does nothing else, this movie once again, drives home the fact that the issues at stake here are mainly religious...deeply committed citizens (on both sides!) and deeply entrenched prejudices....alas...