Around the Bend

Thanks to my lookout in Nevada, I saw this nifty little sleeper which boasts Michael Caine ("Cider House Rules" and "Secondhand Lions"), Josh Lucas ("Sweet Home, Alabama" and "Glory Road") and Christopher Walken ("Catch Me If You Can," "Undertaking Betty" and"Who Am I This Time?"). Obviously it is going to be nicely done!

Michael Caine is an eccentric, difficult to tolerate, old man who lives with his (VERY patient!) adult grandson (Lucas) who is a single parent raising his pre-teenage boy while working as a bank manager. It is clear that Caine wants his errant son (Walken) to come home and get the family's long-simmering differences ironed out. (Walken abandoned Lucas when he was only two years old. That is why Caine had to raise him.)

These four generations are thrown together, bounce apart, and are asked to confront their problems....all in a fast-food joint.

You won't be disappointed.