The Invasion

This remake of "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is one of those "Don’t go in the basement!" sorts of things. You know, terrible suspense, lots of car chases, zombie-like people clustering around victims to do heaven-only-knows-what to them. Evidently, once you are "exposed" to the antibodies, they can't take over your body until you fall asleep and go into REM.

Naturally, Nichole Kidman ("To Die For" and "The Hours") is exposed by her former husband, played by Jeremy Northam ("Gosford Park" and "Happy, Texas"), so part of her struggle is to stay awake while trying to find and save her little boy.

Thank goodness, Daniel Craig ("Munich," "Infamous" and "Layer Cake") is on her side...or is he...

The main attraction for yielding to the body snatchers is the Utopian promise of peace, love and happiness. Everyone will get along, there will be no striving to excel, no war, no competition. They describe life as being like a grove of aspen, which we all know is actually one massive single entity, not a bunch of individual trees, each quaking separately.

LOTS of car chases, lots of foot chases, lots of zombies, lots of blowie uppie stuff! Nah...I didn't much like it.