Brace yourself. I'm gonna sing the praises of Pixar again! Those guys are incredible! I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you have never ONCE wondered about a rat's-eye-view of a busy commercial kitchen from a real rat's perspective, have you?

I thought not. See there?

This is a pretty standard plot about a poor misunderstood rat who is cursed with a sophisticated palate, but is stuck in alleyways and garbage bins, to his utter disgust! His father discovers this discerning skill can be used to detect rat poisons cleverly slipped into their "food," but our hero is otherwise a misfit.

Enter the gawky newly hired kitchen helper, a human who, to me, oddly resembles a caricature of Barry Manilow! This poor schlub can't boil water and is positive he will be summarily fired by the nasty little Master Chef at the first opportunity.

The plot is too convoluted to describe here; suffice it to say I very much appreciate the artistry of the Pixar folks and did NOT suffer while viewing this movie (and no animals were injured, either...smile...).