Me, Myself and I

This is NOT to be confused with the Jim Carrey film "Me, Myself and Irene."

This little Australian gem stars Rachel Griffiths ("Muriel's Wedding" and "Blow Dry") and is stuffed with eye candy-type guys! One blonde man in particular ...yum!

Irene is celebrating her birthday, alone, drunk and depressed. She is a successful businesswoman, but... she's alone, drunk and depressed!

The next morning on her way to work, she is hit by an automobile and wakens in a hospital. She is still herself, but is no longer occupying the life she had been regretting. In fact she can discover no trace of herself from that life. She determines that she is now herself AS IF she had accepted instead of refused the proposal of marriage from a boyfriend in college years ago, and had instead, become a "soccer mom."

She now has a marriage...gone stale; three children...rebellious and selfish; a house...not very well kept; old friends...much altered over the years; and a husband who is no longer interested in her.

Suffice it to say, after an initial elated sense of curiosity and glee, reality sets in and she has to make the best of it. She has never been stupid, so she sets about changing things with determination and will. This includes breaking off an affair she discovers she had been conducting with the husband of one of the old friends, and whipping the children and the household into shape. No one suspects she is a "ringer" except the littlest boy, who still needs his bottom wiped (to her horror! .. and she had THOUGHT she wanted children!), and is quietly observant.

This wouldn't quite fall into the "heartwarming" category, but it's sure fun and satisfying.

NOTE: There is a movie by this same name starring JoBeth Williams, be careful!