Ocean's Thirteen

Okay, so I like "Eye Candy!" It's not a crime you know...

At least "Ocean's Thirteen" has more of a plot than "Ocean's Twelve" did, although I admit that wouldn’t be very difficult.

In a nice twist, the thirteenth caperer this time was the victim in "Twelve." Yes, Andy Garcia is in on the plot, although he threatens our heroes within an inch of their lives if they cross him (all the while plotting how HE is going to cross THEM!).

Having never been a fan of a much overrated Ellen Barkin, I took great pleasure in seeing her character get her comeuppance! AND Vincent Cassel is back, although his character isn't mentioned, but I recognized him.

It's the whole gang: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Carl Reiner, Elliott Gould, Shaobo Qin, Scott Caan, Casey Affleck, Bernie Mack, and Edward Jemison. This time they also have the talents of Eddie Izzard, Al Pacino and David Paymer to squander.

These guys appear to have so much fun with these little frivolous diversions, you can hardly get upset if they aren't making "Shindler's List" or something! Personally, I just lean back and let the movie flow around me. I know it will have a happy ending; it will include sly humor that alludes to their personal lives; it will have lots of beautiful sets, gorgeous clothes and an impossibly complicated heist.

Ah yes...