The Grand Role

This is a tough movie to review because I don't want to give too much away. I can only hope it is available through your rental outlet. It was made in 2004.

Suffice it to say, it is about a Parisian couple who are very much in love. He is an actor auditioning for the role of "Shylock" in an American production of "Merchant of Venice" to be presented in Yiddish and directed by an acclaimed American director (played by Peter Coyote).

Be warned, a much-loved person becomes fatally ill and yet the film has an upbeat feel to it and ...get this... it's heartwarming!

It is beautifully acted by French actors, none of whom you probably would know by name, a couple you would recognize from character roles they have played in the past. I will be on the lookout for Stephane Freiss because he is gorgeous, is a wonderful actor and looks like he's related to Hugh Laurie.

Some reviews:
  • "A winning illustration of loving that O Henry himself would have approved."
  • "A delectable French treat! Funny, romantic and poignant all at the same time!"
  • "Engaging and undeniably moving!"
  • "Succeeds at the tricky balancing act of mixing comedy and pathos. Peter Coyote steals the picture!"
  • "A charming mixture of slapstick and sorrow. Great pleasure!"
  • "A crowd-pleasing dramatic comedy about love, friendship, role-playing and Jewish pride."